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Direct Services

Clients choose GRY because of our unique ability to provide project management consulting solutions they need to match the task at hand. That flexibility means we are a “one-stop shop”, with a complete range of customized services delivered by project management experts.

Our services include project management training, consulting, project portfolio management, and custom project management solutions, and employ project consultants who hold credentials from PMI® 

Agile Project Management

1. Optimize resources, manage development, and tracking of KPIs.

2. Accelerate cycle time. 

3. Efficiently work with stakeholders to validate the next steps, and gain support, and traction, while exceeding organizational goals.

Strategic Planning

We create a custom approach tailored to each client’s unique situation and bring extensive business and sector experience with tested analytical techniques. As experienced advisors to the C-suite, GRY helps you answer:

  • How can I seize growth opportunities and competitive advantage?

  • What are the appropriate revenue, profitability and sustainability targets for my cause campaign?

  • How can I better anticipate and adapt to digital transformation?

  • How I win the competition for granting?

  • How to structure governance and operations? 

Executive Performance Coaching

1:1 and Group sessions with leadership and team members to support the effectiveness of the team.  GRY increases engagement and performance with individualized, OR company-wide coaching.

Fiscal Sponsorship

Enabling the movement of money from funders to projects, ideas, organizations, and activities.


We are committed to raising the understanding of fiscal sponsorship among the public and funders, we share a desire to build best practices, and enhance the sector by building capacity to advance public benefit.

Organizational Transformation

Whether a business is in crisis or is simply facing an operational challenge, our team is experienced in helping management teams identify and prioritize the most critical issues, stabilize the business, establish a leadership and stakeholder consensus around the solution, and deliver tangible results quickly.

General Civil Mediation and Planning

GRY typically works with three forms of mediation - evaluative, facilitative, and transformative mediation for the public sector or youth-led or serving nonprofits. 

1. Mediation

2. Arbitration 

3. Negotiation 

4. Planning and Group Facilitation

5. Governance and Policy (HR) 

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