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Our Work



Advance the organizational capacity and capability of youth-serving and youth-led initiatives to address opportunities in rural and urban communities of Georgia.                                      

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The GRY Project

The GRY PROJECT supplies a virtual infrastructure, and agile project management tools to increase organizational capacity among youth-led and youth-serving organizations.


Primary Goal 

Increase the organizational capacity of youth-led and youth-serving nonprofits in the State of Georgia.

Project G.R.O.W

PROJECT: G.R.O.W provides performance coaching, wrap-around service coordination, leadership development and community leadership opportunities to increase permanency for young adults between 16 and 29 in Georgia. 


Primary Goal

Advance access to information, workforce opportunity and permanency for young adults between 16 and 29 in the State of Georgia.

Support Group
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Voting in Election
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GRY Campaign

GRY campaign partners with national organizations and local reps to ensure young adults 17½+ have the knowledge and skills to participate effectively in civic life through knowing how to stay informed, understanding governmental processes, and knowing how to exercise the rights and obligations of citizenship at local, state, national, and global levels.

Primary Goal

To increase the political and civic efficacy and literacy of young Georgians between 17½ and 35

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Project Moguls

Broaden access to accredited project management training, workshops, and tools for youth-led or serving nonprofits to maximize their ability to leverage project management knowledge, skills and competencies in order to initiate and implement community solutions.


Primary Goal

Broaden the access to knowledge and use of project management tools in order to increase the quality & organizational capacity, documentation, and service delivery for youth led and serving initiatives

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